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About Us

SSF was started in 1993 by Jerry Bailey, Bob Hunnicutt, and Bruce Snyder. Jerry, a pilot, and Bruce and Bob, electrical engineers, decided that they would build and fly an electric powered airplane. From that small beginning, the club grew big enough to become an AMA club. The club has grown over the years and now has our own web page.

From the very beginning it was decided to limit the membership to electric flyers only and to fly from an all “quiet” site. The great preponderance of flying is electric powered planes rather than gliders. There is another field in south Sarasota where there is another club that fly gliders, both electric powered and high start planes.

Periodic club meetings are held at the field. Some are educational and some are just parties with food and beverages. This club will only accept members who are interest in flying electric r/c airplanes and who want to have fun. We are not a politically run club with a lot of member disagreements.